About Valley Security


Valley Security is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business.  Valley Security  serves both large and small organizations across all industry sectors through our brands and offerings:  Valley Security Solutions, Experis, Manpower and Right Management.

Our Values


Our core value for Valley Securities  are as follows:

1: Integrity

Success will come and go in your life but integrity is with you forever. Integrity is doing the correct things all the time, regardless of the consequences. Thus, our Recruitment Consultant’s integrity is not to overpromise or under deliver. We embrace differences and are honest, ethical and committed.


2: Ethics

Our Recruitment Consultants work closely with the clients to understand and identify your recruitment challenges in the organization. We will then provide frank and honest recommendations so as to achieve result in the recruitment process instead of focusing on profit.

3: Passion

Our Recruitment Consultants are driven and committed to engage and inspire in order to deliver results to our clients.

4: Honesty

Our Recruitment Consultants keep their word and they can be trusted.

5: Professionalism

It is essential to be professional if they want to be a success. Being professional means conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability and work excellence. Our recruitment conduct or quality characterize a professional image.

We are committed to be an employment agency of choice and we strive to build a long-term relationship with you based on integrity, passion, ethics, professionalism, honesty and commitment.

Recruitment Process


Good employees are difficult to find and are becoming even more difficult to keep.

We believe that the people you select and recruit today will either contribute to your organization’s future growth and success or begin to erode the pillars on which your business has been built on.

The best way to reduce the costly employee turnover is to have a recruitment partner and program, which ensures that new people fit your business and that what the business has to offer fits the people recruited. As it requires special insight, skill and experience to hook the best resources, it pays to use experts who will get you the right people for the right job.

So if your goal is a superior, high performance workforce that is focused on continuous improvement, your company will need to partner with an effective selection and recruitment service provider such as Valley Securities who understands the   labor market, its trends, influences and legislation.

Management Staff Expertise

Working with Valley Securities for the past  years in the recruitment field we understand the market requirement and the need for to centralize the recruitment process  under one roof. The idea grew and Valley Securities   was born.Our staff is highly skilled, experienced and motivated professionals dedicated to the provision of quality service to both clients and candidates.

Valley Securities currently employs a core team of consultants having    experience in the recruitment and human resource management field, specifically focused on  hospitals, general management,  hotels, schools, banks and other institutions.